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Throughout the United States, parents are proving that they can be a vital force for positive change in their local schools. As a result, children are achieving more and schools are becoming a focus of community life.

There are several sources of excellent information about the many things parents can do both at home and at school. Here are some of the best links we could find. Let us know if there are others that you have found to be especially helpful.

Parents’ Page Links

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Annenberg Institute for School Reform

The Beach Center on Families and Disability

Committee on Education and the Workforce

The Education Policy and Leadership Center

The Family Education Network

Federation for Children with Special Needs

The Future of Children

Good Schools Pennsylvania

The International Dyslexia Association – Legal and Legislative

Kids Together, Inc.
Information and resources for children and adults with disablities.
Promoting inclusive communities where all people belong.
Inclusive education and lots of links.
National Center for Science Education, Inc.

National Education Goals Panel

National Coalition of Advocates for Students (NCAS)

National Parent Information Network

National Parent Network on Disabilities

Pennsylvania Department of Education

The Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council
The Council is comprised of people with disabilities, family members, service providers and policy-makers who work together to improve conditions for people with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth. The Council is mandated as a result of the federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance Act. It operates with a five year plan and issues grants in order to achieve its goals and mission. Current education initiatives include teacher preparation and the school and community diversity Minigrant program. The Council also funds numerous programs that assist families in advocating for their children.

Pennsylvania PTA

Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Association

Rethinking Schools – An Urban Educational Journal

The Special Education Advocate

Study Circles Resource Center

The Action Starts Here (TASH)

U.S. Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education Parent Publications

United Cerebral Palsy

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