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Charter Schools

On July 16, PSRN released Evalution of the Interim Report on Charter Schools in Pennsylvania. Click here for the Press Release and here for the PSRN Interium Report “Evaluating the Evaluations.”

Click here for Newspaper Articles on Charter Schools

Final Form Regulations for Charter Schools and Children with Disabilities. Click here for Details – February 22, 2001

Letter to the Attorney General about the new regulations. Click here for the letter. – February 21, 2001

Education Department delivers Cyber Charter School Report to General Assembly (October 30, 2001)

Holding Charter Schools Accountable for Educating Children with Disabilities (June 2000)

Charter Schools – Frequently Asked Questions (9/01)

Amendments to Act 22 (10/99)

Charter Schools and Children with Disabilities (9/01)

PA Department of Education information on Charter Schools

Questions to Ask Before You Enroll Your Child in a Charter School

What To Do If You Have Concerns About Your Child’s Charter School (Philadelphia Area) (10/01)

What To Do If You Have Concerns About Your Child’s Charter School (Western PA Area) (9/01)

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